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Spirit Feathers

Oh yeah, then there’s ideas. I have almost always managed to channel a few of those elusive critters into stories and pages. Sometimes it's a struggle, but it may be getting easier.

In 2004 I wrote 112 essays on and around the topic of transition. Mine. Trauma-induced and extensive. Big changes there, for a while. Certainly yielding many and better understandings. Some are serious romps through — and even some re-writes of — big-time theories from Carl Gustav Jung and his pals.

I'd started in that general direction a couple years previous by writing about intimacy and relationships. And years before that when I was busy kicking drugs, about prayer and coping cosmically. Those are fairly obvious kinds of ideas about the human condition and psychology.

I'm not saying that actual ideas don't creep into my art criticism sometimes. And maybe more will. But this list concentrates on writings about things before and beyond art, only sometimes into poetry and other kinds of magick.

Rain Flections - copyright J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Rain Flexctions

Ideas Links

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