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Raintrees - copyright J R Compton. All Rights REserved.

Rain Trees 

I used to be a camera. I remembered images and thought about them as images before I ever thought about making photographs of them and saving them on film or paper. Long before I thought of making them as art. Now I'm a photographer who hasn't used film since the last century.

I took pictures of my friends when I was a teenager, but I rarely thought of those as more than a way of remembering. At college everything changed. Especially after I became an editor, then the editor and then the photographer of the school magazine.

One of my all-time favorite photographs that never made it to a camera, film (back then) or silicon, was a Yellow Cab driver standing in the middle of Commerce Street in downtown Dallas. His car had broken down. The vivid yellow hood is up. He is resting with his back up against the side of the car. His arms are folded in front of him. He looks totally frustrated and angry.

When I got a serious camera — a 4 x 5 Speed Graflex with a Poloroid Back, I became the official University of Dallas school photographer. They paid me for every photo they used. So I was a pro before I was an amateur. I had my first art show at UD and a bunch since.

Summer during college I was a Photojournalist (They asked for a title; that's what I came up with) for The Texas Catholic and later became a staff photographer for the Dallas Times Herald. In the Air Force I taught photography and in Viet Nam I was supposed to an Automatic Processing Machine Operator, except there weren't any Automatic Processing Machines within 600 miles.


See my Prices page, if you'd like me to make photographs for you or your website or publication. Almost nobody ever does that, but I like to keep this blurb in here just in case hell freezes over.



Some of my favorite photographs include

Avenging Pelican - Photograph Copyright 2009 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Avenging Pelican Chases Down a Fish-swallowing Cormorant - February 16 2009

J R's Amateur Birder's Journal - updated nearly every week day, this mini-site includes stories and photographs of and about birds at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas, USA, north along the White Rock Trail, Texas' Rio Grande Valley in far South Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado, all of which are indexed on the Amateur Birder's Index.

I used to illustrate my ThEdBlog stories on DallasArtsRevue with images of other people's art. Then I realized since it's about me — The Editor, I should use my latest photographs that don't necessarily pertain to the text there. So now I do.

There's a wonderful short video Anna shot that I love and shows who I am or was just then, even in my semi-conscious state.

My personal DallasArtsRevue Member Page usually includes recent photographs.

My photographs of the 2008 Winter SolstiCelebration at the Cathedral of Hope in late December 2008 is probably my best-ever coverage of that event, and thankfully my last. I have this silly notion that, like any decent pagan ritual, they should be held outside and involve fire instead of inside a big Christian church with guest Jesus lectures. More solstices and other metaphysical events and stories are linked from my Meta Index.

The 2008 Summer Solstice celebration was better, but my best summer solstices were probably 2005 or 2001.

Game From Above - copyright 2008 J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

Family Reunion Game

Piictures from a Reunion are personal and family. Not many words, but it's one of the most beautiful photo essays I've ever created.

Of Whirligigs & Other People's Magic was an experimental travel essay through Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

I've recently updated Personal Magic. I am still fascinated by the subject of personal mementos and pieces of other people's magic.

Birds at the 2005 Texas State Fair

Tanks & Towers - a series from early this century that includes water tanks and what I call "Prairie Schooners," but most people call grain elevators.

Six Flags Over October

J R's Windows - windows here and there and beyond

Angels On Fire - copyright J R Compton. All Rights Reserved.

New Mexico on Fire

Angels On Fire - Angel Fire, New Mexico

The Big Easy - New Orleans

My 60th Birthday Party

My Family's Christmas includes many informal photographs.

Jen + Jared's Wedding in late May 2005

Clouds - shot on a low-resolution digital camera but beautiful as clouds often are.

Red Stop -

Red Stop - Tandy Parking Tram Stop
from 1997 when I temped there

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