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Original Logotype Designs

by JR Compton

The Bac-door Invitational - Photograph Copyright 2009 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission. nvitational - Photograph Copyright 2009 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

Software companies know their products become real when the T-shirt comes out. At DallasArtsRevue, Membership exhibitions break into reality when the Editor designs a logo for the show. And I can't show you my latest logo, because it's all a big secret till the end of this year, but I am more proud of it than anything for a long time. It's so wonderful at least partially because I just threw it together, put myself into full experimental mode, and whomp! There it was. I can't wait to share it.


The Winter Show


The Winter Show is in December 2008 through very early 2009. The Bath House Cultural Center, where the show is, needed a name and a logo quickly, so I whipped this one out.




Naming this show took more than a month, but this logo only took a week or so of fiddling. Fierce was in July 2008.



I should not forget this logo for DallasArtsRevue.com, a site that has grown to nearly 1,200 pages of Dallas art, artists, institutions and events. I designed it in 1999, then polished it more later. It loads fast, looks 3-D and is distinctive, although many of the people who see it often, still spell the last word "review."


Creative Arts Center logo design by J R Compton


Another lasting logo I developed for the little arts school lost in East Dallas. Last time I looked, it was still on their web site, where I developed it, though I no longer do their website. This was the first decent logo I did for the Internet. Those that follow were all for print.



For several years during the mid 90s, I was PR person and board member of Dallas Artists Research & Exhibition, a bleeding-edge local artists organization. We changed logos fairly often, but this is my favorite. The group has since become The McKinney Avenue Contemporary.



I worked with WordSpace, A North Texas Home for Imaginative Language, during the summer 1999. This is the second, experimental version of the logo for the organization, their newsletter and website.



My first, long-lasting logo. This community radio station has changed dial numbers over the years, but it still uses this logo I did with Advertisezrs Gothic rub-on Presstype letters in the early 80s.




I worked briefly for this one-woman organization, which researched, then used co-op advertising budgets to create publications and other advertising projects.



WordScrawl Brainstorm was originally titled The Performance Poetry of Victor Dada. The Dallas poetry and music group was planning a series of performance poetry books by each of its members. This first (and only) volume included work by founders Joe Stanco and Gary Deen. I thought their original title was a little stuffy, and this phrase from an included poem summed up their style and creativity better.



When I worked for a Yellow Pages company, I rarely had the opportunity to create anything new. This was my proposed logo for this company. They instead went with a plain design using Helvetica. Big surprise.



My latest email address is always on the Contact page.