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Art Exhibitions Produced, Curated or Juried

In June 2011, I was invited by the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas to invite another curator and together determine everything about a show to be called Curate. Collaborate: Cura! Cura! Cura! to be held August 25-September 29, 2012. I invited Terry Hays, and he and I have selected artists and will co-curate the first exhibition in what will be an annual series. The process, as explained by Bath House Visual Artist/Curator Enrique Fernandez Cervantes, "We ask one curator to participate in the project, and that curator gets to choose his/her counterpart." Because I was experimenting with the idea of not doing a blog for it, That one show is now best explained and shown on two web pages, here and here. Terry and I had such fun doing Cura! Cura! Cura!, we'er hoping to do another one that so far, has no name, so I'mjust calling it That One, and I've already begun a blog for it, but I won't link that blog till we have found a definite space for it.

Juror of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, color and black & white photography and photography portfolios for The Winston High School Art Show in Dallas, Texas April 14 2010

The Winter Show - Copyright 2009 by J R Compton. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction in Any Medium Without Specific Written Permission.

The Winter Show in the Hall Gallery at the Bath House Cultural Center

Curator for Dallas Arts Revue Member Show and Back-room Invitational at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas, December 5, 2009 through January 30, 2010.

Curator of The Winter Show in the Hallway Gallery at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas December 6 2008 through January 3, 2009

Curator of Fierce at 14th Street Gallery in Plano, Texas — a carefully curated, three-week exhibition featuring work by DallasArtsRevue Supporting Members, DARts Friends and area artists who have been favorably critiqued in DallasArtsRevue, July 2008

Guest Curator for John Pomara's Critics' Pix2 at the University of Texas at Dallas, January 18 - February 22, 2008. I chose Dallas artist Kim Cadmus Owens.

Director, Curator and Chief High Mucky-Muck of Big As Night, Too, a one-night-only exhibition of the work of 24 DallasArtsRevue Supporting Members — at 419 North Tyler on October 28, 2006

Director of DARts On The Tour, the second-ever DallasArtsRevue.com Supporting Member and Subscriber Exhibition during the 14th Annual White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour in the front two rooms of my home, October 15 and 16, 2005 featuring the work of Peter Ligon, Nancy Ferro, Alex Troup, James Michael Starr, Bob Nunn, Fannie Brito, Michael Helsem, Richard Ray, Marty Ray, Elissa Foster Art Shirer, Ann Huey, Tom Moody, Zach & Greg Metz, Pamela Nelson, Gregory Horndeski, Dean Corbitt, Dwayne Carter, Elizabeth Reeves, Brad Metcalf, TJ Mabrey, Jim Bowman, John Abrams, A.M. Hudson, Mary Iron Eyes, Richard Crow, Roy Cirigliana, Gerald Burns, Georgia Stafford, Willard "The Texas Kid" Watson and briefly, Mark Williamson.

Director of the first-ever DallasArtsRevue.com Supporting Member exhibition, 1026 Tranquilla in a green, hilly Casa Linda neighborhood near White Rock Lake, December 6, 7 and 8, 2002

Curator of The Book Show, an exhibition of artists' books, sketchbooks, journals and book-like objects at Artisana Gallery in downtown Dallas, July 17 - August 15, 1993

Producer of The World Premiere of the Deborah Turbeville Retrospective, October 27 - December 17, 1989 at Allen Street Gallery near downtown Dallas. After showing in three parts in Dallas, the world-famous art/fashion photographer's exhibition traveled to Tokyo, Japan and Paris, France. I organized and directed all aspects of this event, co-wrote a successful grant proposal, designed and produced all invitations and signage, worked with Turbeville's collaborator to hang the innovative exhibition and wrote and distributed national and regional publicity.

Curator of The Wall Art & Graffiti Show, an exhibition of graffiti and photographic documentation at Allen Street Gallery, May - June 1989.

Curator/Lecturer for NonTraditional Photography featuring six innovative Dallas photographers — Dottie Allen, Darryl Baird, Patrick Faulhaber, GNR (Enrique Luna & Gary Grogan), David Smith and Cassandra Weyandt at Richland College Lakeside Gallery, November 15 - December 9, 1989.

Producer and Co-Juror of The Dragon Show, a national competitive exhibition at The Dallas Public Library's J. Erik Jonsson Community Showcase Gallery, Ocober 1988 - January 1989. The other juror was my dear friend Margarite Handy. More than 6,000 persons attended.

Producer of Allen Street Alumni: Past & Future an invitational exhibition at Allen Street Gallery, September 9 - October 16, 1988

Allen Street Gallery Program Committee Chair: responsible for producing all Allen Street Gallery exhibitons, including teaching people who wanted to have shows or had exhibition ideas how to promote, curate and mount exhibitions, June 1988 - 1990

Producer of The First, Unjuried Third Sunday Show in Seven Years at Allen Street Gallery, July 1988

Curator/Producer of The Georgia Stafford Retrospective at 842 First Ave., Dallas, October 18 - November 4, 1986

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