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 A Breath Meditation Using Visualizations of

Air, Earth, Fire, Water & Aether,

The Five Elements of Ancient Knowledge* 


* All matter comprises the five irreducible elements —
Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Aether.
The last is the magical essential,
which holds them all together.


Sit or lie comfortably.

Empty your mind and lungs.

Inhale, then exhale
slowly — three times
for each element.

Use these images or
develop your own.




Inhale through the nose.
Exhale through the nose.
steadily with visions &
very little sound.


Pulling up into your body,
the massive and irresistible
attraction of gravity
draws at the weights trapped inside.
Hold them,
then let your burdens fall —
an avalanche of negative energies
crashing down and away —
releasing you
from their heavy charge.




Inhale through the nose.
Exhale through the mouth
Slowly with visions &
the sounds of moving water.

A tide of crystalline,
cleansing liquid sniffs in,
then splashes and sprays down,
filling you like a babbling brook
or a raging river.
Saturating every cell of your body,
it gushes out your spout,
washing away all your unkind thoughts,
worries and troubles.



Inhale through the mouth.
Exhale through the mouth.
Slowly with visions &
the sounds of air rushing.

Sucking in through your mouth,
you feel it seething into every pore.
Like a tree resisting the rush,
you bend in the stream.
A sail in the storm,
you fill and strain.
Exhaling then,
the dark impurities of your spirit loose —
dust in the wind.




Inhale through the mouth.
Exhale through the nose.
Slowly with visions &
the sounds of fire.

Seething to feed the flames,
the cleansing conflagration sears &
superheats your system.
It roars like a furnace in your mind,
scintillating like a shimmering blaze,
burning everything
that makes you angry or afraid.



Inhale and exhale through both mouth and nose
Subtly & simultaneously.
Slowly with no sound.

With great subtlety,
let the rainbow stuff of the heavens and stars
gently ebb and flow
deep into your soul.
Feel the thoughtful benevolence
cleanse you in its delicate dance
of elemental enchantment.



Then gently return to the Universe.




Then there's
J R Compton's
Cosmic Coping Kit
of Metaphysical

Copyright 1992, 1996, 1997 by J R Compton.
All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without written permission