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The Magic of Colors

a spectrum of colors

The Magic of Colors

The Magic of Colors

White - Protection, peace, truth, inspiration, growth

Green - Healing, money, luck, Harmonic Balance

Pink - Emotional love, happiness, friendship, joy

Red - Sexual love, passion, energy, vitality

Yellow - Opening of the intellect, stimulation of the mind

Purple - Spiritual power, strength

Blue - Healing, meditation, tranquility,
spiritual development, protection

Orange - Strength, optimism, success

Black - the end, death, sudden change, new beginnings 



is a natural science
harms none
requires effort
is not instantaneous
does not require payment
is not for pride or vanity
can be done for yourself
deserves a sound investment
is a divine act
is a joyous celebration

Magick is intent
Magick is faith
Magick is love


"Magick is the art of working with
the forces of nature
to bring change."


 color line


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