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Is Buzz Patch Stickers Legit {Sep 2021} See Reviews Here >> Are you annoyed due to increasing mosquitoes and planning to order a mosquito repellent online? Check whether the portal are valid or not.

Are you fed up with the ever-growing mosquito bites problem in your house and surrounding premises? Do you hope to have an effective & natural source for getting rid of these mosquitoes? Then you may now be able to move out of your houses even in the nightfall period as Buzz Patch Stickers are arrived in the market to repel mosquitoes for you.

This firm located in the United States provides worldwide free delivery of these mosquito repellent stickers. But are you sure Is Buzz Patch Stickers Legit and completely safe.

Is Buzz Patch Stickers Scam or Not?

  • The domain of this company was registered on 06/02/2020 which makes it 1 year 107 days old.
  • This domain holds a Domain Authority of only 3 on 100 which is too low to rely upon.
  • Since the website holds HTTPS in its data transmitter, it is trustable in terms of data security. 
  • This company is quite active on its social media platforms and also possesses a good number of followers. There are active and quick responses provided by the company’s social media handlers on several posted comments.
  • In Buzz Patch Stickers Reviews, we found that it has several testimonials in the review section of its social media page. Many feedbacks in the review box of this company have positive reviews along with few negative comments too.

About Buzz Patch Stickers

Buzz Patch Stickers is a company based in the United States which promises to repel mosquitoes from their buyers’ vicinity on the application of these stickers. They assert that this method is convenient and effective for 6 long hours. They state that within this period, there won’t be any mosquito biting you or coming close to you. 

But yet we need to answer that Is Buzz Patch Stickers Legit and actually that effective? The Company says that all its stickers are natural and contain organic oils that help repel the mosquitoes. Also, these stickers are free from DEET or any other chemical. 


  • The link to this company is
  • They deliver only Mosquito Repellent Stickers and no other products are offered by them.
  • The company’s domain was registered on 06/02/2021 which is 1 year and 107 days. Thus, it is not too old or too young in age.
  • Phone number is not provided on the company’s official page.
  • To answer Is Buzz Patch Stickers Legit, we assessed several client reviews provided on the company’s official website, but yet we need to validate them.
  • The company’s address is not provided.
  • Email is
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amex, JCB, PayPal, etc. are accepted.
  • There are no shipping charges applied to any order.
  • 30 days refund policy is offered by the company while some products get only partial refunds.

Plus Points of Buzz Patch Stickers

  • Free delivery worldwide.
  • Natural and chemical-free product.
  • Smells pleasant.
  • Money-back guarantee.

But to answer Is Buzz Patch Stickers Legit, we need to take a look at the following drawbacks of this firm before making any determination.

Drawbacks of Buzz Patch Stickers

  • The company’s phone number and address both are absent on the company’s official page.
  • Some items are non-refundable or only partially refundable depending upon the company’s policy.
  • The content on the website is very informal and seems insufficient.
  • Details on delivery policy and refund policy are inadequate. 
  • The trust factor of this domain is very low to make it trustable.

Buzz Patch Stickers Reviews.

The official webpage of Buzz Patch Stickers was examined in detail to know that is this company valid or not. There are several client testimonials provided in the review section of the company’s official web page which are yet to be validated. 

Also, there is a Blog tag displayed on the homepage of the website where-in various blogs are posted as the company’s feedback. Also, in our study, we observed many positive and negative comments for products on the company’s social media pages. 

Final Outcome

It’s too early to question Is Buzz Patch Stickers Legit, because there are several positive feeds provided by consumers on social media sites and the company’s official page. But on the contrary, it’s not possible that in such a small period of time this company can promise 100% efficacy of their product.

All the above facts make it too early to question the authentication of Buzz Patch Stickers. So we need some more time and genuine reviews to pass the final verdict. For checking the customer reviews, you can check their social media page.

Please provide your unbiased views in the comments box.

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