Write for Us + Real Estate Guest Post: Thorough Checklist for Crafting Best Guest Blogs!

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Graph your career to new heights. Read the entire content on Write for Us + Real Estate Guest Post.

Real Estate is a vast industry that is highly volatile. Besides, it is one market spreading like wildfire across the country. While there are a lot of changes happening continuously in the field, which everyone won’t be aware of. Thus, we are searching for subject matter experts who have knowledge in the area and want to share information with the audience.

Thus, if you have professionalism and a good idea of the subject, then we welcome you to try your luck as guest bloggers for our new segment of Write for Us + Real Estate Guest Post. However, much more goes into making good content that keeps the readers engaged in the article or blog.

So continue to read the below paragraphs to know more.

What does the Website Work For?

Ours is an international website that has attracted many readers from different countries. The website jrcompton.com deals with various topics related to business, technology, money, health, etc.

Presently we are searching for writers as guest bloggers for Write for Us + Real Estate content. First, however, it must follow the guidelines to make it perfect. Read the section below.

Real Estate + Write for Us – General Rules and Guidelines

  • Proceeding further, we have highlighted a few guidelines for our Write for Us Real Estate content that must be followed. These include:
  • Ensure to write on topics that are engaging and based on the latest trends
  • Keep the language simple and do not use words that can be complex for the readers to understand
  • Dividing the content into appropriate sections will make it look presentable and authentic
  • Include segments like titles, multiple subheadings, introduction, and conclusion
  • Include keywords in the title, subheadings, and paragraphs, spreading them evenly
  • Do not add any false information; include only facts accompanied by accurate links
  • Make sure the articles and blogs are grammatically correct and avoid spelling errors.

“Write for Us”+Real Estate – What are the Pros of Joining Our Website?

Our website brings numerous benefits to the writers. Let us have a sneak peek into how joining us as guest bloggers can benefit you in scaling up your career graph.

  • Real Estate Write for Us articles are read by a mass audience, which brings in a great chance of exposure worldwide
  • All contents are paid, and each writer whose blogs are selected, approved, and uploaded will get a stipulated amount as fixed during onboarding
  • Writers get a chance to add their small bio at the end of the content written by them, presenting an excellent opportunity to build a strong portfolio
  • There is no limit to eligibility criteria when onboarding guest bloggers. You can be a student, a real estate professional, a developer, or a real estate enthusiast, and we welcome you to write guest blogs for our website
  • Writing for us will also allow you to build your network with similar writers and audiences, thereby scaling your career.

“Write for Us” + Real Estate – Procedure for Joining Us as Guest Writers

The process of joining us as guest bloggers is extremely easy. We wish to make the procedure easy and hassle-free for all our writers. Thus, all you are required to do is share your “Write for Us” + Real Estate samples via Email. Send your samples to [email protected].

Our editors and team of professionals will assess the sample. Once it matches all the required criteria, we will notify the selected writers by sharing an approval email confirming their onboarding. Ensure the content abides by the set requirements.

Write for Us+Real Estate – Other Essential Rules and Guidelines

In addition to the points above, other essential points must be thoroughly followed. These include:

  • Employ the Grammarly tool to check grammar with a score of 98+
  • Use plagiarism tool to ensure the content has 0% plagiarism
  • Maintain a perfect uniformity in the content in terms of font type and font size
  • We suggest font to be either Times New Roman or Calibri and font size not more than 12 or less than 10
  • Keep proper distance between each paragraph
  • Ensure to keep the sentences short and maintain 5 to 6 sentences for each paragraph
  • Add external and internal links, images, and video for Real Estate + “Write for Us” content.

Final Conclusion

We hope all the guidelines are well understood. We are waiting to onboard you as writers.

In case of any questions or views related to Real Estate “Write for Us” then drop opinions and feedback in the comments box mentioned below. Read more on Real Estate.

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