Write For Us + Photography Guest Post: Check Out The Ways To Write A Popular Guest Post Article!

About Gerenal Information Write For Us + Photography Guest Post

The article explains how to write a great Write for Us + Photography Guest Post article by following the provided guidelines and criteria for the writers.

Are you the kind of person who has a deep love for photography? Do you always imagine shots in your mind and wait for a whole night for the bird to fly and the raindrops to reach the world? Then do you also possess the necessary Write for Us + Photography Guest Post writing skills? 

Introduction to the website “jrcompton.com”

We are a team of people who are working towards the mission of creating only authentic and informative Photography + Write for Us articles for global readers. Being unique and sharing true information and emotional content according to the needs of the reader’s interests has diminished in recent years. 

Write for Us + Photography writers Required Educational Qualifications and Experience

Photography is a superior art that has the power to freeze the moments of life, so it needs some talent and knowledge, but that doesn’t come only with bookish knowledge but with learned experience, so we are looking for writers who can provide highly valuable articles that are loaded with more facts and tricks.

Thus, the “Write for Us”+ Photography writers must needlessly possess the necessary experience in the photography field.

Photographers of weddings, maternity photos, baby photos, and buildings can surely contribute their talents via their writings.

A person who has a deep interest in photography can also participate here. But as this is a writing opportunity, your writing skills must greatly blend with your photography skills.

Write for Us Photography Reference topics

Kindly note these topics below if you are confused about deciding about the real topics.

  • What is the latest photography equipment that has been released on the market?
  • What are the types of photography?
  • Suggest some photography tips and tricks for beginners.
  • What are creative photography techniques?
  • What are the basics of photography?

Photography Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The word limit of the article ranges from 750 to 1500.
  • Since it is a photography-based article, we encourage the writers to use more interesting and heartwarming images. But it shouldn’t be a copy-written one.
  • The articles shouldn’t contain any grammatical mistakes. To prevent all sorts of problems, we advise “Write for Us” + “Photography” writers to use the Grammarly application.
  • Don’t copy any information from the internet; by this time, we hope that writers might have known about our website’s mission. So kindly present to us only the authentic ones.
  • The readability score of the article should be from 70 to 80%.

“Write for Us” + Photography articles SEO guidelines

  • The article needs to be further fortified with the help of SEO content.
  • The article should have SEO keywords that can be searched with the help of keyword researchers’ applications.
  • Highlight the keywords in bold and different colors.
  • The internal and external hyperlinks have to be added to the article.
  • Spam score of the article: 5 to 6%

Benefits to the Photography + “Write for Us” writers

  • With the platform’s help, writers will get recognition for their work.
  • Our website helps the articles reach higher SERP rankings because we have followed the latest SEO guidelines.
  • We have a wide range of readers supporting our website, so they will certainly extend their virtual support to the guest post articles.

Photography “Write for Us” Submission rules

The guest post article should be sent to this mail address [[email protected]], which is the editor’s team’s contact mail address, so if the writers have any doubts about editing and formatting, they can use it.

While submitting the article, writers can share their photography portfolio with the article because we will give the Write for Us+ Photography writers a byline so that it will be more useful to us.


Thus, we have covered each strategy for writing a top-notch photography-based article. More people are interested in reading about photography and its skills than others. Therefore, this guest blogging opportunity offers greater potential for the Write for Us + Photography Guest Post writer to gain recognition. Thus, take a good decision and let’s make happy moments for our readers with your Photography articles as well.

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